planet solitude  48°23'N, 9°59'E


Theresia Hefele, Anna Kiiskinen, Anne Pincus und Yukara Shimizu


pro arte Ulmer Kunststiftung

Galerie im Kornhauskeller

Hafengasse 19, 89073



planet solitude 48°23'N, 9°59'E took place in the gallery of pro arte Ulmer Kunststiftung, Ulm, Germany from 23 March to 19 May 2018 with Munich-based artists Theresia Hefele (D), Anna Kiiskinen (FIN), Anne Pincus (AUS) and Yukara Shimizu (J) showing photography, painting and objects.


In this show, Anne Pincus exhibited her crocheted silverwire objects Hives for the first time. In the large glass cabinet in the gallery, the mysterious glimmering nests appeared like stalactites in a cave, or evoked associations of a cabinet of curiosities (Wunderkammer).


The wall installation composed of over 200 small panels especially conceived by Theresia Hefele for this exhibition appeared like an epic visual poem with countless cross connections and potential associations.